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Product overview


Different requirements need flexible solutions - in terms of sound protection values or sizes


Group A2 = Standard

Group A3 = Absorber

Group A4 = AbsorberPlus


Versions A2 and A3 are also available as a compact version with a narrower base width

Protected from noise indoors with nature outside


A noise protection wall which looks just like a nice green hedge, gives graffiti no chance, has first rate sound protection values and requires little space:


naturawall shows that noise protection walls are no longer a necessary evil, but a visual and ecological gain for residents who are plagued by noise.


One particular advantage is the rapid and simple construction of the plug-in system, made from highly durable hot-dip galvanized steel, as it does not require expensive or costly investments in foundations or floor anchoring. It can subsequently be filled with soil and greened from inside out.


naturawall offers sound protection in all absorption categories (ZTV-Lsw 06 [Additional technical terms of contract and guidelines for the design of noise barriers on roads]).


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