Müller BBM Group
Bavarian State Ministry
of the Interior

Vegetation in
towns and cities reduces hazardous fine particulate dusts due to its

natural filtration



Apart from their attractive visuals, the numerous plants offer additional advantages, such as the absorption of pollutants, find dust and noise.


The following species are ideally suited for landscaping naturawall systems: ground-cover plants, creepers and small shrubs


In the download area you can find a selection of plants that are specially suitable for the greening of vegetation-supporting noise protection systems.


Before the full greening of the naturawall is realised, weeds can settle between seedlings. To prevent this, naturawall has developed a special non-woven fabric which is available customized to suit all models. Of course, it is also possible

to prevent weeds with bark mulch.


Mr. Gereon Göller our plants expert, will be pleased to answer any questions you may have on the topic of greening.


For an optimum water supplyment naturawall offers a quick to install and inexpensive water management system. Enjoy your new greenery without much effort!

Easy. Fast. Quiet.