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The principle:

Views of greenery instead of traffic noise


Noise protection walls are no longer a necessary evil, but a visual and ecological gain for citizens plagued by noise.


The wall construction that is quick and easy to build, made from long life hot-dip steel panels, is filled with vegetation-supporting soil material and subsequently planted on a step-by-step basis. Thanks to their large body of natural material (98.5% of the system), naturawall noise protection systems offer the highest sound protection attributes in combination with considerable stability without complex foundations.


The steep impact angle of the system means naturawall noise protection walls are more effective than conventional embankments, with a space saving of approx. 80%. This enables naturawall the use of the 'optimised earth wall' in areas where space is limited such as urban areas or small front gardens.


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naturawall / embankment


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Easy. Fast. Quiet.