Müller BBM Group
Bavarian State Ministry
of the Interior

The system in its individual components



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    description of the individual details of the system.

naturawall Standard


  • easy to construct steel-connection system
  • Panels 2-6mm thick
  • cut and given subsequent trimming
  • galvanized with over 100µ
  • 25 year warranty
  • Powder coating (optional)
  • Base edging (optional)

naturawall Absorber


  • same design as the Standard version
  • Side modules are fitted with perforations (8mm diameter)
  • Sound is directed into the soil
  • Soil boasts superb absorption values
  • Special punching prevents the soil from eroding away
  • depending on the situation, highly absorbent A3 on
    one side or both sides (measurement results measured
    without greening)

naturawall Compact


  • same design as the standard version but with a
    smaller base width
  • depending on the situation, also available
    highly absorbent A3 (Absorber Version) on one side or
    both sides
  • great to combine with other noise protection wall systems





naturawall is available in the following standard sizes,

special sizes can, of course, also be realised.


Standard version:

Sizes:    1.50 / 1,75 / 2,00 / 2,25 / 2,50 m

              2,75 / 3,00 / 3,25 / 3,50 / 3,75 m

              4,00 / 4,25 / 4,50 m
Widths:  0,92 / 0,98 / 1,03 / 1,08 / 1,13 m

              1,19 / 1,29 / 1,35 / 1,41 / 1,47 m

              1,53 / 1,57 / 1,66 m


Compact version:

Sizes: 1.20 / 1.50 / 1.80 / 2.10m

Widths: 0.71 / 0.77 / 0.83 / 0.90m



Curves and corner constructions


  • The wide slots in the modules means it is possible to compensate for gentle inclines, hills and curves
  • Rectangular corner connections are realised with a
    corner module
  • Standard corners: 90 and 135°
  • With naturawall it is possible to realise radii over 70m
    without any problem. Small curves are made to measure
    for your project.

Sloping constructions


  • Height compensation over terrain can be realised on
    a free-flowing basis up to a height difference of 5%.
  • Height differences of over 5 % require a step like
    arrangement of the system
    - possible with all models
    - seamless transitions possible
    - problem-free adaption to hills and inclines

naturawall on the road level


In the situation shown on the right the selection of the wall
height is decisive. In this case the distance from the road
and/or the width of the road is relevant.


In comparison with embankments, just one fifth of the area
is needed, with comparatively better values. The reduced
area lining also pays off financially over the long term.

naturawall on an existing embankment


  • absolutely ideal for optimising existing
    or planned embankments
  • the steep angle of the system causes a particular
    suppression of the sound on the apex
  • the compact design omits a widening of the embankment
    in the base area