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an enhanced configuration of greenery also particularly benefit the local wildlife.

Our heart beats green


New habitat for birds and insects

By bordering your property with a natural noise protection wall you equally expand it by a piece of living nature. Particularly in an urban area, the
decision for a vegetative sound protection solution also automatically means
the creation of a new habitat for birds, bees, butterflies, lizards and many
other living creatures. This effect can be additionally enhanced through the special selection of groves that provide food for birds and particularly nectar-rich plants.

Breathe deeply

In addition to technical emission protection and transport political management measures that improve the air, a greening of cities can also provide an important contribution for reduction of dust exposure in respiratory air. All
plants basically filter dust and gaseous impurities from the air, but the efficiency depends on the respectively used plant species, their form of growth, and the structural configuration of planting as well as their spatial arrangement. With regard to the reduction of fine dust in the air (particularly caused by traffic) by means of roadside greenery, a distinction is made between the direct effects in form of fine dust binding through the leaves and the indirect effects which influence air flow and thereby the local concentration of fine dust. You will find further information here.

For the sake of the environment: steel

Sustainable construction means respecting the needs of following generations and preserving their habitat. Not only the manufacture of construction material, but the construction itself should be environmentally friendly. The construction project must be considered in terms of its overall lifecycle. Steel construction complies with the principles of sustainable construction to a large extent.

  • Resource-sparing construction: the advantages of lightweight
    construction in steel
  • Construction sites with less pollution: prefabricated in a workshop, fast energy-saving assembly, cleaner and energy-saving dismantling
  • Efficiency in maintenance and during use
  • Streamlined dimensionsLongevity and robustness of material
  • 100 % recyclability without loss of quality

100 % recyclable: Steel



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