Müller BBM Group
Bavarian State Ministry
of the Interior


  • Sound dampening values:
    40-50 dB

Available in two absorption categories:

  • Compact A2
  • Compact Absorber A3

  • Sizes in meters:
    1.20 / 1.50 / 1.80 / 2.10
  • Base widths:
    0.71 / 0.77 / 0.83 / 0.90

naturawall Compact


The companion to our standard version in a smaller design.

Steel-connect-/screw system, hot-dip galvanized (100µ) - optionally perforated


The naturawall Compact is available in Versions A2 and A3. Its more slender construction means sound dampening values between 40-50 dB are achieved.


It is especially suitable for private use due to its limited space requirement. It is also suitable as a plant and vegetable patch.

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Construction of Compact



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