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Product overview


Different requirements need flexible solutions - in terms of sound protection values or sizes


Group A2 = Standard

Group A3 = Absorber


Both Versions are also available as a compact version with a narrower base width

The garden as an oasis of calm


Unfortunately, in many urban areas and places with high levels of traffic, this is often just a dream, as traditional noise protection requires a lot of space and takes up valuable space for plants and vegetation. But a solution is now available:


naturawall is a flexible, assemble-together wall construction system that consists of durable hot-dip galvanized steel panels, which are then filled with soil, creating a superb basis for excellent noise dampening. The system can be landscaped and greened with typical local and regional plants and normal garden plants, with the cultivation of fruit and vegetables also being possible. This means the naturawall can enhance your green area and it can also be constructed in an exceptionally short period of time with a minimal amount of effort. Moreover, no foundations are necessary. The ground simply needs to be flattened and a layer of gravel provided.


Within a few days a species rich biotope develops in an ecological system that offers the optimum absorption of noise and pollution.





Planted noise protection wall


naturawall vegetative Lärmschutzwand


Easy. Fast. Quiet.