Müller BBM Group
Bavarian State Ministry
of the Interior

Product overview


Different requirements need flexible solutions - in terms of sound protection values or sizes


Group A2 = Standard

Group A3 = Absorber

Group A4 = AbsorberPlus


Versions A2 and A3 are also available as a compact version with a narrower base width

Green hedges with an intelligent core


Noise protection and the twittering of birds – naturawall ensures the highest sound dampening values, pollutant filtering and thanks to its subsequent greening with local plants, attractive visuals.


This is an important point in touristic areas, especially if road, rail or other background noise damages the local tourism business.  Thanks to the high level of acceptance among local residents, the 'green noise protection' also pays off when it involves the enhancement of built-up areas in areas that are adversely affected by noise. Naturawall gives properties a protective and green border, and without taking centre stage itself. This is ensured by the limited amount of space that it requires. The system requires just a fifth of the space of a conventional embankment. Furthermore, existing embankments can also be supplemented with naturawall and made more efficient.


It is easy to construct, and with a naturawall coordinator on location, can also be managed easily from a regional construction yard. The system does not need any elaborate foundations and short construction times prevent long road closures.

Easy. Fast. Quiet.